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Night Driving Lessons

Melbourne Night Driving Lessons

We are committed to ensuring our students become experienced driving in all conditions. A key element of this experience is driving at night.
Night driving is more difficult than driving during the day. Your ability to judge distance and to see landmarks may be affected, and you may only be able to clearly see the area illuminated by your headlights. The risk of encountering unexpected hazards is heightened. You need to manage your speed and maintain your ability to read signs while the headlights of other drivers are in your field of vision. With limited visibility, your reaction time may be compromised.

We have Melbourne’s best driving instructors to help you with night driving lessons.

For these reasons, we recommend several hours of supervised driving before you start driving at night.

Our top tips for night driving include:

  • As the daylight dims ensure that the sidelights are turned on.
  • Make sure that the headlights are carefully wiped and clean.
  • When it gets dark , turn on the dipped headlights so that the road is clearly visible.
  • If you are following closely behind another car dip your headlights so that you don’t dazzle them.

Our professional instructors are aware of the additional risks of night driving. We will help you become aware of the conditions involved in night driving and train you to be able to perceive hazards and respond to them quickly and safely.

At Skillz2Drive Driving School, we understand that practicing with a patient and knowledgeable instructor is the best way to become confident driving at night time. So if you’ve had some practice driving during the day and you’re ready to begin night driving, give us a call on 1300 084 803