Melbourne Australia

City Driving Lessons

Melbourne City Driving Lessons

City driving can be a challenge even for experienced drivers: with heavier traffic comes more hazards for you to be aware of. Whether you are a new learner or an experienced driver, it can be difficult to navigate the city’s more complex traffic rules, congestion, the presence of trams and cyclists, and Melbourne’s hook turns. In the city, you may be required to make more frequent stops and interpret more roadside signs. Our Melbourne city driving lessons will help you overcome this challenge.

These hazards might even make you feel anxious or impatient, but it doesn’t need to be that way. Our patient and experienced instructors will help you feel at ease in busy traffic situations, giving you the knowledge to make decisions safely and calmly. We’ll help you read city road signs to ensure you can make turns correctly, navigate city parking, and keep yourself, your passengers, other motorists and pedestrians safe at all times.

Our tips for city driving include:

  • Plan your route
  • Respond calmly to unexpected activity from other drivers or pedestrians.
  • Stay in your own lane unless it is necessary to change.
  • Ensure you are aware of parking regulations and meters.
  • Assess whether turns are legal before you proceed.

Whether you are anxious about driving in busy areas or just want to refine your skills in safely managing the hazards of city driving, call us today on 1300 084 803 for more information.