Melbourne Australia


Special Lessons

There are several reasons why someone might want to take night driving lessons, city driving lessons, a refresher course, or weekend driving lessons:

  1. Night driving: Night driving can be challenging due to reduced visibility, and it requires a different set of skills and awareness compared to daytime driving. Night driving lessons can help drivers become more comfortable and confident driving at night.
  2. City driving: City driving can be more complex than driving in rural areas due to higher traffic volume, narrower roads, and more pedestrian and bicyclist activity. City driving lessons can help drivers learn how to navigate city traffic, make quick decisions, and park in tight spaces.
  3. Refresher course: A refresher course is designed for drivers who have been driving for many years but who feel that their skills have become rusty. This type of course can help drivers brush up on the basics and improve their driving habits.
  4. Weekend driving: Weekend driving lessons can be useful for those who only drive occasionally or only available during weekends and want to improve their driving skills and confidence.