5 Dumb Driving Mistakes You Make – A Professional Advice

Dumb driving mistakes you make



Humans are strained to make mistakes, astonishingly 90% of road accidents are because of human error. Still many of us continue to make mistakes over and over again while driving along, whether it is old habit, exiguity of knowledge or negligence of other vehicles, drivers frequently repeat same mistakes on road. That is why engineers and car designers and working hard developing self driving cars to put human error out of equation.

As a newbie you are prone to make mistakes and have a lot of pressure in learning and attaining new set of skills. Here is a list of common driving mistakes that people make but are unaware of:

Mirror Adjustment

Side and rear mirrors aren’t just made for car decorations, they are the most important instrument in any vehicle. Without having these, it is nearly impossible to observe what is behind you and on both side of your car. Ensuring the right position of mirrors is significantly important. But still most of drivers don’t adjust it properly.

proper mirror adjusment

This is one the main reasons which leads to accidents, as they cannot properly see what hit them from behind or either sides. Poorly adjusted side mirrors is especially bad because it leads to buch of road accidents as we switch lanes without noticing other vehicles beside them. There always be a “blind spot” in side mirrors, the problem is amplified when side mirrors are adjusted so poorly that drivers are looking at their own door handle rather than the cars driving alongside them.

The best practice is to always take a moment before you drive is to adjust all mirrors to proper position. Adjust side mirrors slightly out of your doors so you can see the cars behind you; not just your own car, that way you will minimize the blind spots.

Slow Driving in Passing Lane

Yes we have all accursed those – people who drive slowly in passing/overtaking lane on highway, unaware of the fact that they are somewhat blocking traffic behind them. This kind of driving style is not just annoying but also quite dangerous as it leads to irritated drivers overtaking in the passing lane.

correct use of passing lane

You should all keep it in mind that this lane is fast moving vehicles who want to overtake. According to your driving style you have to figure out which lane you are most comfortable driving in based on the speed you are driving at.

It is not wise to drive in fast lane when you are not going at proper speed or observe a long queue of car behind you with serious rage, the honking you are hearing is clear signal telling you to move along to correct lane.

Regular Use of High Beams

It isn’t just a bad habit, it is annoying, unethical and extremely dangerous! Driving while high beams on literally blinds oncoming vehicles and distract them. High beams are essential when driving on roads having no street lights, you need to be aware of when they are using their high beams and turn them off whenever there are other cars around them.

high beam headlights

As a rule of thumb, you should not use them whenever you see another car’s headlights or tail lights from a distance. In certain whether conditions high beams cause reduction in visibility, commonly in snow and foggy situation. Keep an eye on dashboard and frequently observe high beam indicator as drivers turn them up when there is no traffic on road and forget it when on busy road.

Poor Driving Seat Position

At first it may not seem to a problem, you are comfortable with it the way you like it, right? The answer is No! Most of the drivers sit way back and in such bad position that compromise vehicle control.

driving seat position

Your reaction time will be slower if your legs are too stretched out and your feet can barely touch pedals. Moreover if drivers are comfortable in their seat, they can be eased off into a bewilderment and not pay proper attention to their surroundings. To deal with this, just observe a race driver, they sit upright and don’t extend their arms or legs to reach steering wheel and pedals. Always keep both of your hands on steering wheel unless you want to change gears.

Sit properly and responsibly on a driving seat so that you are alert and capable to react quickly. This could be a defining moment between an accident and safe journey.

Frequent Use of Breaks

Unless you are driving a race/sports car, there is no such reason to ride the breaks. It is a common bad driving practice to use both feet while driving. What people normally do is that they keep left foot on brakes and right one on accelerator pedal.

Correct use of breakes

This leads to a horrible habit of touching brakes and accelerator at the same time, usually when stopped on signals or parking. Over the passage of time, this behaviour will not only result in quick worn out of pedals, but also a fender benders and even more fatal accidents.

Be smart and use your right foot for both accelerator and brakes and left one for clutch in case you are driving manual car, whereas in automatic vehicle, put your left foot at complete rest and use right foot for driving.